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What is Evidence Based Addiction Treatment?

Do you have an addiction to drugs or alcohol? Have you been struggling with any mental health symptoms or disorders? Maybe, you have both these things going on. If so, it might benefit you to attend an evidence based addiction treatment program. This is a type of treatment that is based on proven methods as you will see below. 

If you already know you want to attend evidence based treatment here at Harmony Healing Recovery Center, please feel free to reach out to us. Even if you aren’t sure, but you have questions about this treatment or other addiction or mental health disorder treatments, let us know.

What Qualifies as Evidence-Based Addiction Treatment 

There are thousands and thousands of rehab and recovery centers in the state. While many addiction treatment programs and rehab centers emphasize that they do, in fact, use evidence-based treatments, what does this really mean?

According to substance abuse studies that have been done, for any treatment to be called evidence-based, there must be published research attached to it citing just how beneficial it is and what reputable organizations support or recognize it. There are many qualifying evidence-based treatments for addiction and mental health recovery programs. 

It is also important to know that all evidence-based treatment and practices must have the following qualities:

  • Method was scientifically-studied, researched, and published in a peer-reviewed study or journal
  • Treatment method has given the desired outcome regarding addiction or mental health treatment 
  • Method can be repeated to get the same or better results (instructions are printed, detailing how the method is done, when it should be used, who should use it, goals of that particular method, and other necessary materials to successfully complete the method)
  • Treatment method was studied in multiple environments and has effective, consistent results
  • Method has been or could be developed to show how well implementing the method is compared to the orginal research

These are just some of the qualities of evidence-based addiction treatment. 

Are you struggling with an addiction and a mental health disorder? If so, you might have a dual diagnosis disorder. Even if you are struggling only with an addiction, that is still tough to overcome. However, there are evidence-based treatments that can truly help you to get through the underlying issues of your addiction.

Other Information Regarding Evidence Based Addiction Treatment

Did you see that a substance abuse treatment center has evidence-based treatments? If so, these treatments should be scientifically proven and consist of research-backed practices to provide effective, consistent client success rates and improve overall long-term recovery. 

While not everyone will get the exact same results, the results should still be successful in most cases. No drug rehab center can claim that everyone who enters their program will be clean and sober forever – never having a relapse. There is no 100% answer for that. However, rehab centers can create individualized, comprehensive treatment plans for all their clients. They can use medically-supported practices and treatments (MAT) in their treatment programs, too. 

Why Evidence-Based Treatment is Used to Overcome Addiction

If you are just starting your search for a professional addiction treatment center program, you may be wondering, why should I get evidence based addiction treatment to overcome my addiction? This is a common question and our Harmony Healing team wants to help you figure this out.

Some of the many reasons why evidence based treatment is used to help people overcome addictions to drugs or alcohol include:

  • Extremely reliable treatment methods
  • Addiction treatment that takes action
  • Studies have been done to show what works for clients
  • Very effective in helping people overcome their alcohol or drug abuse
  • Provides varying methods of treatment to help each individual instead of just lumping everyone together in the same treatment plan
evidence based addiction treatment

These are just some of the many reasons why evidence-based treatment is used to help someone overcome an addiction. If you or someone you know has an addiction to drugs or alcohol, don’t let it keep destroying your life. You have the opportunity right now to turn things around in your life. Our Harmony Healing team wants to help you do this through our evidence based addiction treatment programs. 

Which Programs Have Evidence Based Treatments

Not sure where you can find evidence based treatment to help you overcome a drug or alcohol addiction…not a problem. Here at Harmony Healing, we will be happy to talk with you about the various programs we have that include evidence based addiction treatment. Some of these programs include:

These are just some of the many programs you can attend that allow you to use evidence-based treatments. If you want to know more about each one of these treatment programs, don’t hesitate to contact our Harmony Healing team today. We are looking forward to helping you better understand various treatments and get into the one that works the best for you in this moment. You may end up attending more than one treatment program over time, as well. 

Services Offered in Evidence Based Treatment 

If you need to overcome an addiction to drugs or alcohol, evidence based treatment services can truly help you to do that. Some of these services that we offer in our facility include:

Whether you have an addiction to opioids, narcotics, benzodiazepines, other drugs or alcohol, our evidence-backed addiction treatment services can help you more than you may realize at this time. 

Get Into Evidence Based Addiction Treatment Today

Here at Harmony Healing Recovery Center, we offer evidence based addiction treatment. This is an approach to addiction treatment that is backed by various studies. Our treatment team would like to talk with you about these treatments we offer and insurance coverage out of pocket costs. If you are ready to overcome an addiction today, contact us to get into evidence based addiction treatment today.

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  1. Hi there. It was quite fascinating to learn from this article that evidence-based treatments are highly dependable and have been thoroughly studied. My daughter knows someone in her apartment building who’s been drinking quite a lot since his girlfriend left him last month. In my opinion, he’d be able to recover from the situation if he participates in a decent rehab program fast.

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