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If you are in need of a recovery program to treat an addiction, our Harmony Healing Center team has what you need. We understand that you are an individual which is why we will do an assessment before you start in a treatment program. With what we learn from this assessment, we can determine what types of treatments might be best for you. With this being said, one treatment that we would like you to know more about is adventure therapy. Many of our clients have had great success with this treatment.

Opportunities for Activities

One great thing about this type of therapy is that you can participate in the activities whether you are inside or outside. Some outdoor activities that you might partake in include hiking, jogging and swimming. Some indoor activities that you might partake in include trust falls and games. Being able to do these activities both indoors and outdoors means that you won’t be without treatment opportunities.

Learning More About Adventure Therapy

Here at Harmony Healing Center NJ, we have had many clients participate in adventure therapy. If this is a treatment that you are considering, it would be good to learn more about it.

Some of our clients start their treatment program without adventure therapy and add it to their treatment plan later on. Other people in our recovery center add this therapy into their treatment plan the day they arrive. Either way, it can benefit you throughout the recovery process in numerous ways.

Another crucial thing that we want you to learn about adventure therapy is that it is holistic. This means that all the activities you participate in are natural. If you combine this treatment with other alternative therapies, you can build yourself a strong foundation to recovery. Even if you decide to use prescribed medications during your addiction treatment program, you can still benefit just as much from adventure therapy than if you weren’t using those medications.

Top Benefits of Adventure Therapy

Do you need more information about adventure therapy? If so, don’t hesitate to let our team know. We will gladly talk to you about this treatment or others that you may be interested in trying. In the meantime, we want you to know about the top benefits of adventure therapy, which include:

  • Getting the chance to try new, fun, and exciting activities that don’t involve alcohol or drugs
  • Learning to have fun in healthy ways
  • Being able to spend time with other people who share similar recovery goals
  • Building self-confidence and self-awareness
  • Finding peace with yourself and your recovering lifestyle
  • Learning how to be dependent on other people in healthy ways
  • Feeling accomplished when completing an activity
  • Being flexible when activity plans don’t always go as you thought they would
  • Learning to problem solve in healthy ways

Does it sound like you could use these benefits in your life? If so, don’t wait any longer to reach out to our Harmony Healing Center team. We would be glad to start you in a treatment program that includes adventure therapy.

Who Needs to Take Part in Adventure Therapy

Are you unsure of whether you should be taking part in adventure therapy? How do you know if this treatment is the one that you need? While there is no 100% guarantee that this treatment is for you, there are some of our clients that have had extreme success with adventure therapy. These clients fell into the following categories:

  • Those with mental health disorders and addiction
  • People who needed to learn healthy socialization skills
  • Those who needed to trust themselves to have fun while clean and sober
  • People who need to have more confidence in themselves
  • People who enjoyed taking risks, but needed to do so in healthy ways

Do you see yourself in any of these categories? If you do, we would like to hear from you today. Someone here at Harmony Healing Center can talk to you about your history and your addiction. We can discuss adventure therapy and other treatments with you and decide what would work best in your treatment plan.

Get Into Adventure Therapy at Harmony Healing Center Today

There are many types of treatments that you might benefit from while overcoming addictions or mental health disorders. Adventure therapy is one of these options. If you would like to have a holistic basis for your recovery from addiction or a mental health disorder, let us know about this desire. We can get you started with adventure therapy and other holistic treatments.

Contact us here today at Harmony Healing Center NJ. We can enroll you in adventure therapy and other services, so you can begin your recovery journey.

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