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Intensive Outpatient Program in Cherry Hill NJ

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Harmony Healing Center is dedicated to excellence in healthcare. Our passion is not only to heal but to enlighten and engage the people in our care.

Harmony Healing Center’s Outpatient Program is the final step which clients usual enter after completing their Intensive Outpatient Program phase. The focus in the Outpatient Program is integrating recovery into everyday live. Clients are fully engaged in work or school and most often live at home, though some may choose to remain in partnered supportive housing This is the time when they really begin to practice their new recovery skills in a full-time work, school and family life.

We maintain a connection to ensure progress continues and provide support and guidance as needed. Group meetings are usually attended weekly along with participation in a recovery fellowship or alternative program. During the Outpatient phase, clients may also participate in medication management or Medication Assisted Treatment, depending on their needs and diagnosis.

One individual care plan may look quite different from another as everyone enters Harmony Healing Center with different needs and challenges. Ultimately our goal is the same with every person trusted to our care though. We want to see them succeed and thrive in their new life in recovery. We remain devoted to doing everything we can to see that success happen.

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