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Harmony Healing Center offers first-rate substance abuse addiction treatment and mental health counseling. We are a member of the trusted Harmony Recovery Group family of programs founded by leading behavioral health innovators dedicated to excellence in care.

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We are honored by the opportunity to help every patient entrusted to our care. Here are just a few of the stories of hope we’re proud to share.

What is Evidence-Based Drug and Alcohol Rehab?

Sadly, many people go to drug and alcohol rehab several times before they truly engage in recovery. Many more get only one chance to enter alcohol addiction detox and rehab. This is just one reason why you need to be able to believe in the treatment you receive. Evidence-based addiction treatment has been vetted by clinical research.

We know the time you spend in treatment is precious. All Harmony Recovery Group programs are built on a foundation of sound science for this very reason. Results matter and clinical research points the way towards the most effective addiction treatments. Evidence-based substance abuse addiction treatment is the key to lasting recovery.

Evidence-Based Addiction and Mental Health Counseling

Evidence-based treatment involves treatment methods which produce consistent, positive outcomes in clinical research studies. Accurate diagnosis and recognition of individual needs is equally important to determining outcomes. Careful evaluation and correct treatment are what we do best. Substance abuse addiction treatment and mental health counseling are our passion. Thoughtful diagnosis and effective addiction care are our stock in trade.

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Substance Abuse Addiction Treatment and Mental Health Counseling Programs

Harmony Healing Center features a complete range of drug and alcohol rehab and mental health therapy services. Whether you are seeking help for someone you love or for yourself, you deserve the Harmony Recovery Group brand of excellence.

Substance abuse addiction treatment and mental health counseling are among the most seminal, transformative life experiences many of us ever experience. Recovery from addiction and mental illness is truly a blessing. Why settle for merely adequate when genuinely innovative and effective addiction care is just a phone call away? Schedule a free assessment.

Our Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Cherry Hill, NJ

Harmony Healing Center is less than an hour drive from 4 major cities. Our location was carefully chosen to deliver the Harmony Recovery Group standard of care where we saw the greatest need.

Addiction and Mental Health Care are about Caring

Many of our family lives here at Harmony Healing Center have been affected by addiction or mental health challenges. We never lose sight of the fact that we can play a pivotal role in someone’s recovery and their life. Effective treatment means using the best of what science offers us, but it also means speaking and listening from the heart and seeing people as individuals, not just a collection of symptoms. Part of the Harmony difference is that we are invested, heart and soul, into helping people enter recovery.

Trauma-Informed Substance Abuse Addiction Treatment and Mental Health Counseling

According to clinical studies over 70% of people who attend an alcohol addiction detox or drug and alcohol rehab are living with symptoms of trauma. Trauma-informed addiction care is treatment that mitigates the effects of trauma and uses trauma therapy to promote progress and healing.  Harmony Healing Center understands the lasting impact of traumatic events and how they can play a role in substance use disorders and mental health challenges.

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