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Harmony Healing New Jersey Treatment Programs

Recovery from alcohol and drug dependence is a miracle that you deserve to experience. Whether you are looking for help for yourself or a loved one, you can take a breath now. You’ve found one of the finest rehab centers in NJ and we can’t wait to help you change your life for the better.

Drug and Alcohol Treatments Based on Clinical Research

Harmony Healing Center is a pioneer in the move to evidence-based treatment modalities among rehab centers in NJ. This means we go light years beyond the old, outdated treatment models which didn’t serve every patient equally. Worse, they didn’t produce the lasting recovery people go to a drug addiction rehab for in the first place. So, we threw out the techniques that weren’t working and looked to clinical research for the answers when designing our program.

More research has been done into successful substance abuse detox and treatment in the last 10 years than in any decade before. Alarmed by heroin addiction statistics and the rise in overdose deaths, there has been a race against the clock. The result is The Harmony Recovery Group model of care. Evidence-based. Built on science and data which leads to better outcomes that save and change lives forever. Give us a call and immediately we will begin to move into action to help you or the person you love.

Our Substance Abuse Detox and Treatment Services

Harmony Healing Center features a robust selection of options for care. We understand everyone’s needs are different. We work diligently to build a unique relapse prevention plan just for you. We’ll find the best set of services to meet your needs and fit your lifestyle. Our welcoming environment is LGBTQA+ and gay-friendly. You’re about to begin a personalized journey that will include many of the services we provide, including:

Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient treatment at our New Jersey treatment centers usually serves as the last phase of care after a patient has completed detox (if necessary), partial-hospitalization and intensive outpatient care. Outpatient generally consists of 1-2 sessions per week and a good deal of independence where a patient has resumed normal everyday routines like work or school. Some patients my require only outpatient treatment, but it is best to get an assessment from a professional rather than try to determine your own needs.

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Partial Care

Partial Care is a more intensive level of substance abuse detox and treatment. It entails full days of treatment, similar to an inpatient program, except patients aren’t restricted to a hospital-like institution. Rather they get to live in pleasant partnered supportive housing that has all the comforts of home. Many patients find this style of care a lot easier to adapt to than the inpatient/residential rehab centers in NJ which are more hospital-like.

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Intensive Outpatient Program

Intensive Outpatient care at a drug and alcohol recovery center may be best thought of as a bridge. It bridges the gap between partial care and outpatient or OP treatment. Intensive Outpatient clients will attend similar groups and therapies as they did in partial care, but there is more time for recreation or exercise and more freedom. IOP can also be a good fit for someone who did not need a medical detox and has family or job responsibilities to work around.

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Medication Assisted Treatment

Medication Assisted Treatment or MAT consists of pharmacological therapy combined with counseling and recovery planning. Medications are used to help reduce cravings and keep patients comfortable. MAT is often part of a comprehensive relapse prevention plan. Patients may remain in an MAT program for some time after leaving substance abuse detox and treatment. The primary reason for this is that scientific research has proved that MAT leads to better outcomes. It makes patients less likely to relapse or fail in their recovery.

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The power of recovery saves lives. It helps rebuild broken relationships, restores trust and brings joy within reach again. Let the compassionate experts at Harmony Healing Center guide you toward that elusive joy and lasting recovery. Believe that you can do this, because with the right help – you can!

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