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An estimated 20.3 million Americans find themselves unable to control, limit, or reduce their use of substances. Addiction can have a distinct impact on your life, making it challenging to manage daily responsibilities and self-care. Harmony Healing Center is the leading addiction treatment program for NJ residents and can be found in Cherry Hill, NJ.

The Harmony Healing Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center is a member of the Harmony Health Group family, which strives to provide comprehensive and holistic care to those who find themselves struggling with substance use disorder, mental health concerns, and dual diagnoses. The Harmony Healing Center is an outpatient care facility in Cherry Hill, NJ, providing a continuum of care that can support your journey toward health and wellness. We encourage you to call (888) 409-5356 today to learn about treatment programs welcoming new clients!

What Is an Addiction Treatment Facility?

Addiction treatment centers have the goal of supporting individuals who are struggling with addiction and other related mental health concerns. Addiction tends to look different for everyone, which helps explain why treatment facilities often utilize a holistic approach that respects individual differences. The two main options for addiction programs are inpatient and outpatient care facilities.

Inpatient care options include detoxification programs and inpatient rehabilitation programs. These treatment options provide around-the-clock medical support and supervision as you reside in the treatment facility for the duration of your care. Outpatient care programs come in different intensities and are designed to support individuals with varying symptoms and severities of substance use disorders. Outpatient treatment programs often include partial hospitalization programming, intensive outpatient programming, routine outpatient programs, and aftercare treatment options. The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) reported that an estimated 37.9% of those living with an addiction have a concurrent mental illness. This can include anxiety, depression, ADHD, some personality disorders. Dual diagnosis treatment programs are designed to provide support for those who find themselves living with a dual diagnosis and can help you develop the knowledge and skills you need for your addiction and subsequent mental health concerns.

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Intensive Outpatient and Partial Hospitalization Rehab Programs in Cherry Hill, New Jersey

As a Cherry Hill, New Jersey, rehab center, the Harmony Healing Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment Center can provide you with the personalized care you need from a PHP and IOP treatment option. We are passionate about using a holistic approach personalized to each individual so that you receive the highest quality of care possible.

Harmony Healing Center in Cherry Hill, NJ

Our drug rehab in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, offers an array of outpatient treatment programs, including partial hospitalization programs, intensive outpatient programming, medication-assisted treatment, and routine outpatient are tailored to your individual needs. We encourage you to dial (888) 409-5356 to speak with an Admissions Counselor about programs accepting new clients or visit our treatment location at:

401 Kings Hwy S, Cherry Hill, NJ 08034, United States

Facility Location and Getting There from Nearby Cities

Rehab facilities in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, are highly sought after because of its surrounding area and available health resources. As a popular treatment destination, you may wonder how accessible the Harmony Healing Substance Addiction Treatment Center is from other common points of interest.

The Philadelphia Airport is approximately 12 miles away from Cherry Hill, making our treatment facility easily accessible by plane for those who are out of driving range. Additionally, Cherry Hill is a destination stop on the NJ Transit, which makes it accessible by train. Please continue reading for information regarding traveling from major cities in our area. 

How to get to Harmony Healing Center, NJ

Harmony Healing Center Treatment Programs in Cherry Hill, NJ

Harmony Healing Center in Cherry Hill, NJ, offers various substance abuse and mental health programs tailored to our community’s needs. Our admissions process includes a comprehensive assessment that explores the different areas of your life impacted by your mental health, which we then use to craft a personalized treatment plan. Available treatment programs include:

Medication-Assisted Treatment in Cherry Hill, NJ

Medication-assisted treatment can be a valuable treatment approach for individuals who are experiencing withdrawal symptoms, as well as those who are navigating some forms of addiction. These medications can be used to reduce the discomforts associated with detoxification, reduce cravings, and decrease the risk of an overdose in the event of a relapse.

Psychotropic medications are commonly used in conjunction with other behavioral health interventions for those who are living with an array of mental health concerns. This includes depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, ADHD, PTSD, and other trauma-related concerns. Medications are not a cure for mental health concerns but rather a tool that can be used to promote your mental health wellness. Your healthcare provider will monitor you closely to find the ideal regimen and discuss supportive therapy options for your journey.

Intensive Outpatient Program in Cherry Hill, NJ

Intensive outpatient programs are a short-term, outpatient treatment option for individuals who are living with a substance use disorder or a mental health concern. While in an IOP, you can expect to participate in group therapy, individual therapy, educational sessions, and dual diagnosis treatment if appropriate. Treatment schedules can vary, as they are tailored to each individual.

IOP sessions may be offered during the morning or evening hours to accommodate the schedules of those returning to work, school, and other responsibilities. Your schedule can include programming three to five days weekly for an average of three to four hours. Your IOP plan will focus on helping you develop relapse prevention skills and other life skills that will support you in your sobriety. After you complete this program, your Counselor may recommend that you continue receiving care in an aftercare program, which can include support groups or individual counseling where you can receive continued support in the early stages of your recovery.

Partial Hospital (Day) Program in Cherry Hill, NJ

Partial hospitalization programs are the most intensive form of outpatient programs available. Commonly referred to as a day program, PHPs entail a full day of therapy designed to help you develop the skills, resources, and knowledge you need to recover. You can expect to receive treatment for six to eight hours, five days each week.

While you are in a PHP, you can receive dual diagnosis care and medication-assisted treatment if it is determined that they would provide you with the care you need during your recovery. After you have completed your PHP, your treatment provider may encourage you to transition to an IOP as a step-down approach or continue in an aftercare program. The idea behind continued treatment is to give you a safe space to discuss your challenges and recovery successes.

Therapy and Counseling in Cherry Hill, NJ

Mental health facilities in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, offer therapy and counseling services to those who are navigating their mental health and substance abuse concerns. Mental health treatment can occur in inpatient and outpatient programs, and for some, can include the use of psychotropic medications.

Evidence-based approaches ensure that individuals receive treatment approaches with proven effectiveness. Cognitive-behavioral therapy is an example of an evidence-based treatment that focuses on exploring how your initial thoughts impact your feelings and behaviors. Your counselor will then help you develop skills that help you tease out unhealthy automatic thoughts and replace them with healthier alternatives that can positively impact your feelings and behaviors. Motivational interviewing is an approach commonly used in addiction treatment programs to help you explore your motivations for treatment and identify realistic treatment goals. Animal-assisted, family, or group therapy and counseling services can have a profound impact on your mental health and overall functioning.

What We Treat at Harmony Healing Center

As a substance abuse and mental health treatment provider, the Harmony Healing Addiction Treatment Center in New Jersey works with individuals in our community who are struggling with an array of mental health concerns and addictions. Different therapeutic approaches are used with our treatment options to ensure you receive the most effective treatment interventions.

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Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Cherry Hill, NJ

Addiction treatment programs can provide you with support and guidance in a welcoming and supportive environment that allows you to develop the skills and knowledge you need to navigate your recovery successfully. Your treatment plan will be based on several factors, including the severity of your addiction and the impact it has had on various areas of your life.

Drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs can often provide you with individualized care options, including dual diagnosis treatment and medication-assisted treatment, to support you in your recovery. Outpatient and inpatient facilities in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, can provide you with the individualized care you need in your recovery.

Mental Health Treatment in Cherry Hill, NJ

Mental health treatment programs can provide treatment for various mental health concerns, including anxiety, depression, PTSD, ADHD, bipolar disorder, and personality disorders. Mental health concerns have unique features and challenges used to help develop your personalized care plan.

Mental health treatment programs can include a combination of group therapy, individual therapy, support groups, and co-occurring treatment for those living with more than one mental health concern. Depending on your mental health concerns, your healthcare provider may talk to you about psychotropic medications that could provide additional support in your mental health journey.

Dual Diagnosis and Co-Occurring Treatment in Cherry Hill, NJ

Dual diagnosis describes individuals who are living with an addiction and an additional mental health concern. While you may have heard co-occurring to describe the same characteristics, they are, in fact, different. Someone living with co-occurring mental health concerns is living with two mental health concerns, one of which may or may not be a substance use disorder.

Addiction treatment programs tend to provide dual diagnosis treatment options, whereas mental health treatment facilities usually provide co-occurring treatment. These treatment options utilize similar treatment approaches, including group therapy, individual therapy, specialized therapy sessions, and the use of psychotropic medications. The care you receive will be determined by your unique needs discussed in your initial assessment.

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Do Rehab Centers Near Cherry Hill, New Jersey, Accept Health Insurance?

Absolutely! Rehab centers near Cherry Hill do work with healthcare insurance providers. It is essential to understand that the coverage you receive depends on the details of your healthcare plan. The details of your healthcare plan can impact your copayments, deductibles, coinsurance, and exceptions or limitations your coverage may have.

If you wonder what your insurance plan will cover, we encourage you to complete the online verification form on the Harmony Healing Center website. Our Admission Counselors can provide valuable insight into your healthcare plan and discuss your financial responsibilities for appropriate treatment options. You don’t have to navigate this process alone; the kind and compassionate professionals at the Harmony Healing Center can walk you through each step of the admissions process. Dial (888)409-5356 to take the next step forward in your recovery!

Health Insurance Providers In Cherry Hill, NJ, That Cover Addiction Rehab

Approximately 22% of residents who receive addiction treatment in New Jersey use private insurance policies. Commonly used health insurance providers include Aetna, Allied Health, Cigna, BCBS, Optum, Princeton Healthcare System, and UHC. Medicaid and Medicare coverage assists an estimated 72% of NJ residents who receive addiction treatment.

Current legislation requires that insurance companies provide coverage for policyholders who need mental health and addiction treatment services. Depending on your plan, you may have partial or complete coverage for various treatment programs, including detoxification, inpatient rehabilitation programming, partial hospitalization programs, intensive outpatient programs, aftercare, and routine outpatient treatment. The care that you need is typically determined by your unique needs, including the severity of your addiction, your physical and mental health concerns, and the impact that your use has had on various areas of your life.

What Are Out-of-Pocket Costs for Rehab Treatment in New Jersey?

The National Center for Drug Abuse Statistics identified New Jersey as the 15th most affordable state to receive inpatient rehabilitation care in. On average, an inpatient rehab program is $56,570 in New Jersey. Detoxification costs an average of $141,001, reflecting around-the-clock medical and support care.

Outpatient treatment programs can vary in cost based on the intensity, frequency of treatment, duration of care, and specialized treatment interventions. A partial hospitalization program costs an average of $12,000 per month, whereas intensive outpatient programs cost an average of $17,250. Outpatient programming and aftercare treatment options are less intensive and tend to have a lower cost than PHP and IOP programs. These treatment options may only include one therapy session per week, significantly reducing the cost of care compared to other outpatient care options.

Benefits of Choosing a Rehabilitation Program in or near Cherry Hill, New Jersey (NJ)

The care you receive during your treatment journey can profoundly impact your health and wellness in the long term. With a focus on your personal needs, you can be equipped to cope with and manage the challenges you experience. Some of the benefits that you can expect to take away from rehab facilities in Cherry Hill, NJ, include:

  • Climate and Environment: Despite being overshadowed by neighboring states, New Jersey has been gifted with breathtaking landscapes, from picturesque mountains to serene beaches. With this diversity in its landscapes, you can find your ideal rehab in an environment that promotes relaxation, calming, and healing.
  • Recreation and Relaxation: Mental health facilities in Cherry Hill, NJ, provide stunning locations to enjoy recreational and relaxation activities. You can develop a deep connection to the world around you as you investigate different relaxation practices and enjoyable activities.
  • Supportive Community: New Jersey’s diversity has cultivated a welcoming and friendly environment, making it an ideal location to explore recovery-focused meetings and build a social support network. You will find support group options in different settings throughout the day, allowing you to find groups that can easily be included in your daily routine.
  • Diverse Treatment Option: New Jersey rehab centers offer various treatment programs, including detoxification, inpatient care, and outpatient treatment options. This allows you to receive comprehensive care tailored to your unique needs.
  • Privacy and Confidentiality: Rehab facilities in New Jersey actively ensure their care protects their client’s privacy and follows confidentiality practices. Rest assured; your privacy is prioritized by rehabs that hold stringent standards to be compliant with HIPAA regulations.

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