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Music is known to touch the soul. When you hear a song you enjoy, what does it make you think of? Does it remind you of your teenage friendships? Maybe, you start moving your body or feeling upbeat? There are so many ways that music can touch or affect a person’s mood, physical health, mental health and other parts of their life. These are just some reasons why we offer music therapy here at Harmony Healing Center NJ. If you have a mental health disorder or addiction, we can start you in a treatment plan that includes music therapy and many other treatments. These treatments have helped many people leave their addictive lifestyle behind and learn how to manage and reduce mental health symptoms.

How Addiction and Mental Health Disorder Treatments Improve with Music Therapy Services

Do you need to drop your addictive lifestyle and start living the life you desire? Are you always anxious, depressed or stressed, but can’t seem to get past those feelings? No matter what mental health conditions or addictions you have, music therapy could help you to reach your treatment goals. While this type of therapy is just one of the many offered in our treatment center, it is very beneficial.

Some ways addiction and mental health disorder treatments improve with music therapy services include:

  • Letting your soul and mind connect to the music
  • Improve overall mental and physical health
  • Helping you realize why substances aren’t helpful or needed for true contentment and happiness
  • Helping your process trauma and other issues you struggle with
  • Allowing you to express your emotions
  • Listening to or singing to songs can help reduce mental health symptoms
  • Music helps to calm the body so you have a lower risk of relapse during addiction treatments and after you leave our program

These are only some of the ways our music therapy services can help when you are trying to overcome a mental health disorder or addiction. If you want to find out if music therapy could help with specific issues you face, reach out to us. We can discuss this with you and can talk to you about other treatments that could help with that specific issue, as well.

Allow Music Therapy to Improve Your Addiction or Mental Health Disorder Treatment

Are you dealing with an addiction or mental health disorder? Even if you have tried to overcome it in the past, but the program didn’t work for you, that doesn’t mean another program won’t work. Here at Harmony Healing Center NJ, we work with each client individually. We want to make sure each person who comes to us gets their addiction and mental health disorder treatment needs taken care of. We have many treatments that can help this to happen for you including music therapy. With our individualized treatment programs, our clients find great benefits in our services.

Contact us today to allow music therapy to help improve your chances of success with addiction and mental health disorder treatment.

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