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Harmony Healing rehab centers in NJ provide first-class, scientifically validated drug and alcohol treatment programs. We are here to help you build a life of recovery.

The Partial Care at our rehabilitation centers in NJ allows patients a full day of intensive treatment much like an inpatient program. The advantage is you are not limited to the institution-like living accommodations that are common to the more hospital-like New Jersey treatment centers. You can take advantage of accommodations at one of our affiliated recovery residences in the Cherry Hill area.

Our recovery housing features all of the comforts of home in a safe, clean residential area. Most patient, with very few exceptions, prefer to stay in a home-like environment during their treatment rather than remaining inside a single, big clinical building for a month or more. We believe this setting is also more conducive to real-world living. It gives patients an opportunity to visualize what their life in recovery will look and feel like after their treatment. This is critical because we are only in treatment for 30-90 days at the most. Most of your recovery happens after you leave treatment. The better prepared we can make you for that experience, the better your chances for success.

Our program is designed to not just relieve pain and anguish, but to help people achieve insights they need for a lifetime of happy recovery. Harmony Healing drug and alcohol treatment in Cherry Hill, NJ uses evidence-based care, just like all Harmony programs. The modes of treatment we use are proven effective by extensive scientific study. Partial Care treatment provides superlative care with greater flexibility. Partial Care treatment is an excellent way to begin to build a strong foundation for recovery following a medical detox. People who are living with a co-occurring condition along with a drug use disorder have shown great results in our Partial Care program.

Partial Care is also proven effective for patients with a history of chronic relapse as it offers more structure than a traditional Intensive Outpatient Program can provide alone. Successful recovery depends on gaining a clear understanding of your condition and then learning how to incorporate recovery principles into your life. Evidence-based modalities are designed to help create conditions for the kind of essential insights people need to have to initiate their recovery.

We believe that if people can have these meaningful formative experiences while under our care, they will be much more prepared for a successful life in recovery outside these walls and that’s what it’s all about. Recovery is more than a process with a beginning and an end. It isn’t something you “do” while you’re in treatment and then you’re done. It’s better thought of as a lifestyle. A way of thinking, acting and viewing the world. It includes optimism and respect for yourself and others, but there is so much more than that. Recovery is difficult to sum up in a few sentences. It must be experienced to be understood. But suffice it to say there is more to it than simply staying free of drugs and alcohol.

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