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Couples counseling aims to enhance the relationship between two individuals who are experiencing a diverse array of concerns. Therapy sessions can promote healthy communication styles and conflict-resolution skills while promoting emotional connection. The Harmony Healing Center, situated in Cherry Hill, NJ, is a prominent provider of mental health services, with couples rehab services available.

What Is a Couples Rehab Program in New Jersey (NJ)?

Couples counseling sessions are designed to explore and address concerns and challenges that individuals are experiencing within their relationship. Challenges can arise during periods of high stress and transition and transform into a catalyst that can decrease intimacy and trust and impede effective communication between both persons.

When one or both persons in a relationship are living with mental health concerns, the other person may not know the best way to support their partner. Couples counseling can help bridge this gap so couples can find a path forward together. Couples counseling, including premarital counseling, can also be valuable for individuals not experiencing hardships within their relationship. Developing a solid foundation for your relationship can include establishing boundaries, clarifying personal values and goals, and learning and exploring how they can support each other during distress. If you and your partner are looking for couples rehab centers near me, we encourage you to call (888) 409-5356 today!

Who Is Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Insurance Provider in New Jersey?

Horizon BCBS is a premier health insurance provider for New Jersey residents that has responded to the changing landscape of healthcare since its development in 1932. Horizon BCBS provides comprehensive care that promotes health within the communities that it serves.

Horizon merged with BCBS in the 1960s, allowing them to expand the insurance products and plans they carry. Today, Horizon BCBS serves millions of individuals in New Jersey, including individuals, families, and businesses. Preventative care and the use of technology within its plan options are just a few examples of how Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield has gone above and beyond to promote the health and wellness of its members.

Exploring Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) Brands and Services in New Jersey: Additional Information

Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey offers New Jersey residents a wide range of health insurance plans and products. Available plans and products will continue to evolve to ensure that Horizon members can access the health treatment they need to obtain optimal health and wellness. Examples of products and plans available with Horizon BCBS include:

  • Individual and Family Plans provide coverage for prescription medications, medical services, and preventative care for individuals and families.
  • Omnia Health Plans provide policyholders with a tiered network, which can be a cost-effective option for families and individuals working with in-network providers.
  • Employer-sponsored Group Plans are plans employers can provide their employees with to cover various healthcare needs.
  • Medicare Plans offer comprehensive coverage for qualifying members, including coverage for medical needs and prescription drugs. Some policies may have additional benefits that policyholders can utilize.
  • Medicaid Plans provide coverage for qualifying low-income individuals and families.
  • Dental and Vision Plans are supplementary plans that may be added to other health insurance plans for dental and vision coverage.
  • Behavioral Health Services covered by Horizon BCBS include substance use disorders and other mental health disorders that policyholders may be living with.
  • Telehealth Services promote convenience and increase accessibility to healthcare treatment by providing access to healthcare remotely.

What Does Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) of New Jersey Cover for Couples Addiction Treatment?

Inpatient rehab for couples for New Jersey residents will depend on the details of your plan and the nature of counseling services. Horizon BCBS healthcare plans may provide coverage for members seeking rehab for couples. You may find that verifying your coverage with a Harmony Healing Treatment Center Admission Counselor can provide insight into your plan’s coverage.

The mental health coverage available with your health insurance plan may include individual therapy, family therapy, and couples counseling. Additionally, in-network providers are viewed more favorably by health insurance companies. Some Horizon BCBS plans may require that you receive a referral or prior authorization before engaging in mental health treatment services. If you have questions about your healthcare coverage and available couples inpatient rehab near me in New Jersey, we encourage you to contact the Harmony Healing Treatment Center for guidance and support.

Do Couples Rehab Programs in New Jersey Help With Drug or Alcohol Addiction?

Couples’ addiction treatment programs in NJ often provide comprehensive care plans that address your individual needs, as well as focus on improving the overall health of your relationship. The primary focus will likely be on individual care so that both individuals have adequate time to build a foundation for their recovery before working on other life challenges.

Couples will likely be placed into d different treatment groups within the same facility so that they have the opportunity to focus on their individual needs before they come together for couples therapy. Codependency is a common concern within relationships where one or both partners are living with an addiction. Holistic treatment programs can include counseling and therapy sessions, as well as educational sessions that help you develop necessary relapse prevention skills. Once both partners are in a place in their recovery where they can come together, they may begin their couple’s therapy sessions. Harmony Healing Center is here to help, contact us today to learn more about our couples addiction recovery programs.

Do Couple Recovery Centers in New Jersey Help With Mental Illness Recovery?

Inpatient couples rehab centers typically provide specialized support for couples who are experiencing mental health concerns, behavioral challenges, or substance use concerns. This allows each individual to receive support for their mental health concerns, trauma, and any other underlying concerns that are impacting their relationship.

Couples support groups may be a component for addiction-related and mental health concerns that couples may experience. This can be a validating experience where couples get to learn from and relate to others. Available treatment services may vary depending on the couples rehab center.

Do You Need to Be a Married Couple to Attend Couples Rehab?

No, couples who attend outpatient or inpatient couples rehab programs do not need to be married. Couples therapy is available to couples at various stages of their relationship, including those who are dating, engaged, cohabitating, separated, and married. The term “couples counseling” is inclusive, allowing partners to engage in therapy to improve their communication and connection.

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Why Is Couples Rehab Important in Recovery from Drug and Alcohol Addiction?

There are several reasons why couples drug rehab treatment centers have incorporated comprehensive treatment programs. When one, or both, partners in a relationship are living with a substance use disorder, they may find themselves living in a codependent dynamic which is unhealthy for both persons. This relationship pattern can be addressed through the use of various couples counseling techniques and strategies.

Couples therapy can help partners understand triggers and stressors that have been the driving force for substance use disorders. If both people are living with an addiction, they may find that there are components within their relationship that trigger one another. Your couple’s substance abuse treatment programs will help you identify your triggers so that you can work together to create an environment that is supportive for each of you. The trust that has been built between two partners may have been damaged through the course of active addiction. Rebuilding trust, being honest, and holding each other accountable can help rebuild trust that was previously lost. The Harmony Healing Substance Abuse Treatment Program recognizes the toll that active addiction can have on a couple’s relationship. We utilize the leading evidence-based approaches for addiction treatment and support you as you both work on rebuilding your relationship. To learn about our admission process for couples therapy, we encourage you to call (888) 409-5356 today, our team of trained professionals will be happy to answer any questions regarding our couples recovery center!

How Much Does Couples Rehab Treatment Cost in New Jersey?

The price for couples’ behavioral therapy can vary greatly based on the care you receive. Couples counseling that is incorporated into a substance abuse treatment program often falls within the scope of treatment, which costs an average of $56,570 in New Jersey. In this setting, you may participate in therapeutic and educational sessions, and learn about couples’ aftercare program options.

Other factors that will influence the cost of a couple’s treatment include the location of the treatment center, your therapist’s qualifications, and expertise, the type of therapy being provided, the duration of your sessions, and if any specialized options are being used in conjunction with therapy. Individual couples counseling sessions can cost significantly less, ranging from one to a few hundred dollars per session.  Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield couples rehab centers can provide you with a comprehensive treatment approach that focuses on supporting both people in the relationship so that they can find a path forward that meets both of their needs. We encourage you to contact Harmony Health Center with questions regarding your insurance coverage for rehab

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How to Find a Couples Rehab Center Near Me in New Jersey (NJ)

Blue Cross Blue Shield couples rehab coverage typically provides you with coverage for treatment at the Harmony Healing Addiction Treatment Center in Cherry Hill, NJ. You can begin your treatment journey with our accredited facility by participating in your initial drug and alcohol assessment by calling (888) 409-5356 today. To discover treatment centers near you, the following steps can be taken:

Steps to finding a NJ couples rehab center

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New Jersey Couples Rehab Treatment Process and Schedule

Couples rehab treatment processes can provide you with comprehensive care that provides care for your substance use disorder and its impact on your relationship. Various treatment methods aim to improve communication, rebuild trust, and support both partners as they recover. Some of the common components of a couple’s rehab treatment process include:

  • Assessment and Evaluation: Your treatment will begin with a thorough exploration of each partner’s substance use, mental health concerns, and the status of your relationship. The information gathered helps therapists determine which treatment options best fit your needs.
  • Individualized Treatment Plans: Each partner will receive a unique treatment plan encompassing their needs, lifestyle, and strengths. Your couples therapy program can include both individual and joined sessions.
  • Detoxification: Detoxing may be a component of your care that provides you with a safe environment that helps manage your withdrawal symptoms as you prepare for the approaching treatment programming.
  • Couples Therapy: As a vital component of couples’ treatment programs, couples therapy sessions can utilize various treatment approaches, including behavioral couples therapy, emotionally focused therapy, and integrative behavioral couples therapy.
  • Individual Counseling: Individual counseling can provide you with a space to process your concerns, including trauma-related concerns and mental illnesses that may have been impacting your substance use or relationship.
  • Group Therapy: Group therapy is a common component of a couple’s rehab treatment that provides a safe place to relate to other couples with similar experiences, learn from others, and share your own experiences.
  • Psychoeducation: Education and skill-building are essential components of your treatment and can focus on topics like addiction, healthy coping strategies, effective communication patterns, and establishing healthy boundaries. All of which can help couples in their long-term recovery.
  • Relapse Prevention: Time will be spent learning about each other’s triggers, developing a relapse prevention plan, and finding strategies that you can use to support and maintain your recovery at home.
  • Aftercare Options: Couples aftercare programs can provide continued support after completing your rehab program. You may participate in individual therapy, couples therapy, or group therapy.

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