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Intensive Outpatient (IOP) follows the Partial Hospitalization (Partial Care) program phase. During IOP treatment, mental health treatment clients enjoy a bit more schedule flexibility. They will still attend the program 3-5 days a week for several hours at a time and have a great deal of structure. The intent is to illicit progress towards returning to everyday life. Patients are allotted more free time and freedom so they can begin to put what they have learned in treatment into practice under real-world conditions. The real test of your recovery is how well it works when you return home to family, school or a career. Our mission at Harmony Healing Center is to help you build practical recovery that serves your best interests. Part of that may involve medication to help you manage your condition, but the knowledge and tools you will gain here are every bit as important as being on the right regimen of medications. Understanding your condition, what your triggers are and how to advocate for yourself is essential.

You are more than your diagnosis. There is no reason you can’t live a happy and productive life when your mental illnesses are properly diagnosed and well-managed. That is what the Harmony Healing Center program is all about. It’s not enough to simply give you relief and peace while you are here. We want for you to continue to heal and grow long after you leave our care. This is why we incorporate evidence-based methods of treatment which are proven effective by clinical research. We understand we have a limited amount of time to work with you, so we are focused on helping you make significant progress while you’re here. More importantly, we are invested in seeing you continue to succeed and thrive after you return to your life at home. One of our most important jobs after you are diagnosed and a treatment program is implemented, is to make sure that you have the tools you need to stay on track and access support when you need it.

IOP mental health treatment is engineered to blend the therapeutic benefits of treatment with the client’s everyday life. The IOP phase allows an opportunity to spend more time with family and/or attend outside support groups. During this time, the structure and support of the program and guidance of their therapist is still an important part of their life. We believe it is essential for patients to experience some independence while still in the program as it serves to boost confidence and isolate any remaining issues. Most clients find that mental health IOP treatment helps ease the transition back to everyday life. It allows them to assess how they are feeling post-treatment, get used to a new medication regimen and so forth. Any issues they encounter can be quickly address since they are still fully engaged in our program. Ultimately our goal is for our clients to be able to re-enter their life with the protection and stability they develop under our care.

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