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Cocaine is an illegal drug and it doesn’t have a medical use in this day and age. Even so, there are many people who use this drug to mask physical and emotional pain. With this being said, there are millions of people who develop a cocaine & crack addiction. If you or someone you know has an addiction to this drug, reach out to us here at Harmony Healing Center NJ. We want to help you overcome the crack addiction by getting you into a treatment program as soon as possible.

Effects of a Cocaine Addiction

Learning about the effects of cocaine addiction can help people to realize the severity of the addiction. Hopefully, recognizing this severity will encourage more people to get into a cocaine & crack addiction treatment program.

Some of the common effects of a cocaine addiction include:

  • Continuing to use cocaine even though it causes problems in life
  • Not feeling they can function without being under the influence of crack cocaine
  • Having a higher tolerance to the drug than they did before
  • Not taking part in hobbies due to cocaine use
  • Missing days at work or school because of being high
  • Getting defensive or aggressive when someone suggests you are using drugs

If you or someone you know has an addiction to cocaine, you don’t have to feel ashamed. There are many others who are addicted to this drug and it can be tough to quit on your own. You can reach out to us here at Harmony Healing Center and we will help you to overcome the addiction.

Signs of Cocaine Use

Do you suspect your loved one or friend is using cocaine? If so, but you aren’t positive, there are some signs of cocaine use that you may want to look for including:

  • New mood swings
  • High boosts of energy
  • Talking much more than usual
  • Becoming paranoid or having hallucinations
  • Grandiosity
  • Taking risks they wouldn’t normally take
  • Dilated pupils
  • Loss of appetite
  • Weight loss

Cocaine use affects people in numerous ways. Some people will overdose on the drug and that can be fatal. It is crucial that anyone who is using this drug, gets the help they need to quit before an overdose or any other negative consequences happen

Get Treatment for a Cocaine & Crack Addiction Today

With millions of people who struggle with cocaine use, it is vital there are treatments available to help them overcome the addiction. Some people aren’t sure where to turn to get the help they need. Others often feel ashamed about their drug use. Here at Harmony Healing Center NJ, we want you to know you don’t have to fight this on your own. We are here to assist you from the detox process throughout the treatment program. We have many evidence-based approaches that can help during your treatment in our recovery center, too.

You can get your life back starting right now with one phone call. Contact us today to get treatment for a cocaine & crack addiction.

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