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For most people who are dealing with an addiction, their substance use will take over the majority of their life, including their time, relationships and lifestyle. Unfortunately, this is why many addictions ruin relationships. 

Part of the reason addictions cause so much destruction in relationships is because the reward pathway in the person’s brain is no longer working like it should. So, they aren’t finding as much happiness and joy in the same things they used to. For example, someone who liked going to the movies before may not enjoy doing that anymore, unless there is alcohol involved. 

If you or someone you know is addicted to alcohol or drugs, don’t let it keep destroying your relationships. Choose to get into one of our Harmony Healing treatment programs today. With the help of these programs, you can turn your life around and finally work on making your relationships better. 

Flaking Out on Others

Most of the time, when someone has an alcohol or drug addiction, their substance use is going to top everything else from their job to their relationships to all their other responsibilities and tasks. When this happens, the user isn’t going to be as reliable and they will likely start flaking out on others. For example, if your loved one who has an alcohol addiction says they will be over Sunday to help you change the kitchen faucet, they may flake out due to getting drunk or having a hangover.

Unfortunately, the relationship that is taking up your loved one’s time right now is the one they have with the substance they are using – alcohol, narcotics, etc. However, if they can get into a Harmony Healing treatment program, it can help them to make amends and rebuild their relationships (where possible). 


Most addicts and alcoholics are going to do whatever they can, so they can get alcohol or drugs. This even includes being secretive, deceitful and lying to their friends and loved ones. As the mistrust keeps building, communication can start lacking, as well – leading to even more barriers between you and your loved one. 

There are even some addicts that will steal from their family members or friends, so they have more money to buy drugs and alcohol. Your loved one may have cheated on you when they were under the influence, too. As you can see, there are multitude of ways that mistrust can occur when someone has an addiction. 

If you are the one with the addiction and you know there are some walls built up between you, your friends and family members, getting treatment can help them to see you want to get your life back. Hopefully, with some time and recovery work, you can show them that you care about them and want to rebuild their trust in you.


Injuries Happen Often

Unfortunately, about 50% of all domestic violence situations involve drugs and/or alcohol. The majority of the time, it is the addict who is abusing or harming their loved one. However, other injuries may occur when they addict hurts themselves either intentionally or unintentionally. 

Don’t wait for any injury to happen before getting help. If you can’t seem to stop using drugs and/or alcohol, reach out to our Harmony Healing facility for assistance with doing this today.

Lack of Support

It is important to note that addictions ruin relationships in the terms of lacking support. After there is a certain amount of damage done in a relationship, the other person may not be able to take things any further. For instance, if you have lied to, cheated on and manipulated your loved one, they may not want to be with you anymore. They may divorce or leave you. There may be other family members or friends of yours that have had enough of your addictive behaviors, as well.

When you lose support in your life, it can be even more difficult to decide to overcome your addiction. If this has happened to you, just know that not getting help will only make things worse. In addition, even if you don’t have support from your family members and friends, you can get support here at Harmony Healing. We have a team of professionals who are trained in handling all kinds of addictions, behaviors, mental health issues and other issues related to addictions. Let us help you starting today. 

When the Enabling Doesn’t End

Enabling is one of the other ways that addictions ruin relationships. Whether you are paying attention to it or not, you could be the one who is enabling your friend or loved one with their substance use. If you continue to do this, there are numerous ways the relationship will be put on the chopping block. 

While there is no guarantee your relationship is going to make it if you stop enabling your loved one, that choice is much better than continuing to enable them to participate in such harmful and destructive behaviors and lifestyle.

Not sure if you are enabling your loved one? Some of the ways that you might be enabling them with their addiction include:

  • Giving or lending them money all the time
  • Buying drugs or alcohol for them
  • Helping care for them when they are high, drunk, or hungover
  • Lying to their boss, family members, or friends about their substance use
  • Making excuses for their lifestyle and behaviors

Do you notice that you are doing these things? If so, there are support groups and other resources that can teach you how to stop enabling loved ones and support you in the process, too. 

Stop Letting Addictions Ruin Relationships in Your Life Today

Do you have an addiction to drugs or alcohol? If so, take a look at your relationships. Have you noticed that your substance abuse is wrecking the relationships that used to be doing so well in your life? If so, don’t let this keep happening. You can get the treatment you need to stop letting addictions ruin relationships in your life. 

Do you have a loved one who has an addiction? If so, check to see if you are enabling them. If so, seek out support, so you can learn how to stop doing that. Hopefully, then, you can encourage them to get treatment instead of enabling them to continue their addictive lifestyle.

Contact us today, here at Harmony Healing, to stop letting addictions ruin relationships in your life and to get the treatment help you need. Here, we offer multiple intervensions for mental health and addiction with the help of insurance coverage to cover out of pocket costs based on your policy.

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