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Sober Living in Cherry Hill

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Safe and Comfortable Recovery – Sober Living in Cherry Hill

Sober Living in Cherry Hill with our trusted partners at Comeback Szn Sober Living provide some of the most comfortable sober living options among rehab centers in NJ. Residents live in separate, gender-specific homes conveniently located close to our rehabilitation centers in NJ. The recovery homes are clean and spacious with abundant sunlight. Each home has a live-in house manager and recovery mentor. Residents learn the value of fellowship and friendship.

They also benefit from structure and security while they begin their recovery journeys. Most patients find that living in recovery housing benefits their treatment experience. The idea is to provide structure and guidance that reinforces recovery principles without the feeling of being institutionalized that may come from the more hospital-like rehab centers in NJ. Our partner sober living accommodations feel much more like living at home or visiting friends or family.

Sober Living in Cherry Hill
Sober Living in Cherry Hill
NJ Sober Living in Cherry Hill

Drug and Alcohol Recovery Center with Sober Housing

Begin your journey at our beautiful rehab centers in NJ. Here you will be given the tools you need for a successful, sober future. Come and heal with us.

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Drug and Alcohol Treatments

Learn how to build sustainable recovery with us.

Recovery homes like ours offer a perfect opportunity to practice new habits in a safe environment. Integrating the tools of recovery into your life is the key to successful sobriety. Combined with our evidence-based therapy model, your stay in our partner program sober living accommodations will help you to do just that.

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Mental Health and Heroin Rehab in NJ

One of the ways Harmony Healing rehabilitation centers in NJ stand out is that we also provides primary mental health treatment. If you do have a substance use disorder with a co-occurring mental health challenge – you are in the right place. If you are living with depression, anxiety or other mental health disorder alone, we are well-equipped to help. We treat the whole person. Even if a substance use disorder is not part of your story, we have the care you need and deserve here. As part of the Harmony Recovery Group family, our entire treatment program is back by the trustworthiness only evidence-based care can provide. It is one more reason why Harmony Healing Center is a trusted leader in addiction and mental health treatment.

Our Commitment

Harmony Healing Center offers flexible programs designed to be accessible to nearly anyone. Whether you have family, career or school responsibilities, we will find a match for your lifestyle. Our commitment to excellence in healthcare is part of the Harmony Recovery Group family of treatment programs.

Our Mission

At Harmony Healing center, our program is built upon evidence-based treatment principles. Our mission is to provide the gold standard in addiction and mental health treatment. We do this by putting patients first and utilizing clinically proven methods of treatment you can trust. This means putting patients first and utilizing clinically proven methods of treatment you can trust. It also means providing the support patients need to succeed long after their stay with us.

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